Theatre subscription

For theatre fans, a subscription with five performances has been available since 2013. From October to April, quality amateur performances from various associations and societies have taken place, thus raising the level of amateur theatre culture. What is more, the audience can laugh or ponder on different stage plays. Each performance was acted out uniquely, and they all reflected the dedicated amateur work of all performers.

In order to compose as versatile a repertoire of plays as possible, by including theatre groups from more distant parts of Slovenia as well as Slovenians in the neighbouring countries, we joined the network of other amateur theatre teams from all over Slovenia. On 21st April 2018 we met at the first Theatre Market. The event took place in Podgorje near Slovenj Gradec. As its name suggests, the market’s aim is to exchange knowledge, experience, theatrical tricks, and last but not least, performances. A huge variety of art and culture associations presented themselves at the market, each of which is undoubtedly relevant and interesting in its own way. With the idea of ​​bringing theatres under one roof, Koroški deželni teater (the Carinthian Provincial Theatre) has taken an important step in uniting amateur theatre groups into a whole. It has connected enthusiasts who love stage boards. We are immensely grateful to them as we can consequently offer many quality and varied performances of theatre groups from near and far.

Due to our association with amateur actors in Slovenia, we also became associate Facebook members of Informal Amateur Theatre Association (Neformalno združenje amaterskih gledališč). We keep in touch through social networks as well as live at meetings, where, in addition to pleasant pastime, we also organize professional consultations and performances exchange.

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