Chamber Choir Škrjanček

A mixed ensemble is named after the excellent youth choir of the Primary School Rače from 1939, which had the same singing reputation as the then acknowledged Nightingales from Trbovlje. The choir’s repertoire is primarily based on Slovenian cultural heritage, but they also perform pieces from the world literature. The choir participates at different choral events, and has already won two silver and one gold recognition in regional competitions.

The choir has also released four CDs in collaboration with vocal groups Fantje na vasi (Village Boys) and A cappella: Spring Concert, Autumn Concert, A Star is Rising and Renaissance Madrigal and Motet. The ensemble is often hosted by RTV Slovenia (Radio and Television Broadcasting House).

The choir’s members are: Dora Ožvald, Eneja Lina Berglez, Mojca Čepin, Barbara Jurički, Sara Potrč, Tanja Mandl, Alenka Mustafa, Eva Mustafa, Petra Efremov, Miran Mustafa, Primož Šušterič, Andrej Napast, Marko Sel, Benjamin Peršuh, Timotej Mišič, Jaro Zuraj, David Burulic.

The choir’s artistic director and the initiator is Tone Žuraj.

Kulturno umetniško društvo Rače, vse pravice pridržane. Ureja: KUD Rače, Admin: Eva Mustafa.