Literary club

Realising our municipality has quite some amateur literature lovers and creators, we decided to form a literary club in 2019. It quickly proved as a well-thought-out move, because books by local authors were presented at the meetings and conversations with excellent guests were held about their works and literary creation in general.

The club was founded for various reasons, the most important of which were:

– to enrich the municipality of Rače-Fram with the cultural activity that larger towns already have;

– our own literary creativity, its presentation, encouragement and promotion;

– socializing while reading and interpreting books, articles, reviews;

– presentations of literary works and their authors;

– awareness, comprehension and conservation of cultural heritage and the town’s image;

– connecting with the surrounding places in order to preserve the intangible and tangible cultural heritage;

– re-establishment of the library in the town;

– cooperation with different libraries, especially Maribor Public Library and University Library Maribor.

The initiators and leaders of the literary club are Cvetka Belca and Danila Žuraj.

Kulturno umetniško društvo Rače, vse pravice pridržane. Ureja: KUD Rače, Admin: Eva Mustafa.