Vocal group Fantje na vasi

he ensemble is a male sextet that originates from the traditional men singing in our villages in the past. Their programme mainly includes pieces from Slovenian cultural heritage, but they also deal with the world’s music literature. The group performs very often, it has up to 50 performances a year and the members sing all songs and compositions by heart.

So far, they have released 4 standalone CDs entitled Tonight is a Beautiful Evening, Slovenian Songs, Let’s Sing about Love and Thirty Years of Singing; in collaboration with ensembles Škrjanček and A cappella, they also released The Spring Concert, The Autumn Concert, A Star is Rising and The Renaissance Madrigal and Motet.

They were awarded with two silver recognitions at choral competitions on the regional level. Twice they were finalists at the thematic concerts “Sozvočenja” in Ljubljana.

They have toured in Austria, Italy and the Vatican, as well as in Croatia, Russia, Hungary and Germany.

They are often guests at RTV Slovenia (Radio and Television Broadcasting House).

The group’s members are: Primož Šušterič, Marko Perger, Miran Mustafa, Miran Kosi, Darko Trantura and Pavel Brlič.

The artistic leader of the vocal group is Tone Žuraj.

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